About Us

Who are we?

Billionways Internet Holdings (BIH) is an internet marketing company with a difference. BIH is focuses on providing a single useful service to its clients - Revenue Enhancement.

The world is full of companies that are embarked on the journey of building an online business. Getting successful online business takes intimate knowledge of how to build a business online, effort, money and time. An entrepreneur who is focused on his own core business area, say Fashion has no knowledge about building and engaging an online customer base. Small and Medium enterprises world over have to struggle long and spend precious capital before they get things right.

Many may never get it. Internet marketing companies offer various services - SEO, Link Building, Analytics, Web site optimization, Keyword research, Social Media, Reputation management, etc. By the time a client understands all these, he has already spent a lot of money, often making little progress. BIH comes with a mission to provide a singular service customers understand and do what matters most for him - build revenue. Internally BIH does all that matters various tricks of Internet marketing which we have learnt and perfected over time.


Venkat Rajendran, Co-founder and Chairman: A successful serial entrepreneur, Venkat has founder-chairman of Billionways Holding (www.billionways.com), through which he has founded a diversified set of startup ventures in Internet, IT, Telecom, Hospitality, and Fashion. Before founding Billionways, Venkat was the founder-CEO of Deccanet Designs, focused on telecom technology (an Intel Investee company) which was acquired by Flextronics, the $ 60 B US technology giant. Prior to Deccanet, Venkat led a large central office switching design team at C-DOT, which is credited to have played a transformative role in Indian Telecom. Venkat is a Electronics and Telecom engineer by training.

Arun Kumar, Co-founder and CEO: Arun is the young and energetic CEO of Billionways Internet Holding. Arun has a strong appreciation of ECommerce and SEO. He has helped companies multiply their revenues in very short time by providing BIH's unique revenue enhancement services. Arun also was the founding CEO of eBixie, a SEO services company that was acquired by BIH and is a subsidiary of BIH now. Arun is an electronics engineer by training and is keenly interested in Internet marketing.