Analyze and improve your online performance

Analytics is a key activity that ties together the different components of the e-commerce process. The web allows capturing extensive data from which it is possible to learn more about the characteristics of the traffic and the entire conversion process. It is necessary to collect these data, do analysis, arrive at hypothesis, make corrections to the process and systems and verify the hypothesis. This is an iterative process and it leads to steady improvements. The analytics activities includes a number of data analysis including Web traffic analysis, Keyword conversion analysis, Navigation analysis, Funnel analysis, Path analysis, Campaign analysis, Bounce Rate analysis, Email analysis, Repeat visit analysis, Branded and organic traffic relationship analysis and Geography analysis among others.

BIH takes the help of popular tools like Google analytics and a few in house tools in this process. Analytics plays a key role in understanding conversion and traffic and allows parallel optimization on both the fronts resulting in steady growth in revenue.