Case Studies

Fashion Retailer Case Study

Sakhi Fashions is an Indian ethnic fashion retail website. BIH has been engaged in achieving Revenue Enhancement for Sakhi. It was decided to divide this engagement into two phases. The first phase involved improving the revenue without significantly changing the current website and the second phase involves a revamp of the website based on leanings from the first phase.

Phase 1 Objective:To Increase revenue by 3 times over a period of 6 months
Phase 2 Objective:To increase revenue by a further 8 times over a period of 12 months

The results achieved for Sakhi Fashions has been extremely encouraging and the client has been thrilled. The methodology used on this engagement follows BIH's comprehensive Revenue Enhancement process. It started with analyzing the performance of the existing web site - a competition analysis, keyword analysis to determine the set of keywords that are best for the site, the traffic patterns, the rankings, and the conversion.

This led to a two phase strategy in which we suggested minimal changes to the current web site and kicked off a major SEO campaign. The results speak for themselves.

Phase 1 results
Period of Phase 1 engagement: 6 Months
Increase in Sales: 3.3 Times increase in monthly sales
Increase in traffic: Increase in traffic from 5,500 to 38,000

Phase 2
Based on the detailed analysis of phase 1 results, the website is being redesigned. Phase two is set to launch in June 2012 and will focus on Conversion, further increase in traffic, SEO, SEM, Social Media and Email Marketing. We expect this to result in increase in traffic and conversion rate resulting in a multiplication of revenue by a further 8 times over the next 12 months.

The methodology adapted started with
- Competition Analysis
- Traffic and keyword Analysis
- Conversion Analysis

This revealed an excellent scope of improving SEO as a low hanging fruit. Thus a two phase strategy was adapted. During phase 1, the focus is on keywords and traffic and less on conversion. During Phase 2 the focus is on conversion as well as traffic.