Conversion Optimization

Optimize your website and strategies to increase sales

Conversion rate is typically the ratio between the number of visitors who end up taking a desired action in your website to the total visitors. What is conversion? It may be a sign in, purchase, download or any other action you may consider that leads to a consummation of the end objective of your website, which may be typically to sell a product or a service. It takes a lot of effort and cost to get traffic to a web site, and it is a real shame if conversion is poor because the website work flow is not well designed and is confusing. Or even more seriously the type of traffic itself may be wrong – you are receiving wrong visitors.

Conversion analysis is not an isolated activity. It is comprehensive. Conversion Optimization is a scientific and systematic process. It involves many things like - Keywords driven analysis (how well traffic generated by different group of keywords are converting), sources of traffic, website work flow, online reputation, customer follow-ups etc. An exhaustive Analytics that leads to better understanding of the conversion is an important component of Conversion optimization. Fortunately many of these are correctible. As long as you have a product or service of reasonable value to somebody, it is possible to get that somebody to visit your site and enable the person to do a transaction.

Conversion Optimization involve a) collection of varied data, b) analytics of the disparate data, c) corrective action, and d) verification by new data. This is an iterative process, which leads to a gradual but dramatic improvement in overall conversion. The revenue to a business is the multiple of Traffic and Conversion. Improving traffic alone is not enough. It pays to work on Conversion in parallel. Combined with increased traffic, better conversion can produce a veritable multiplier effect on your revenue.