Reputation Management

Protect your Online Reputation with Billionways

Today's internet users constantly search online for independent opinions about your company, its products and services. Unfortunately, if one looks carefully on anything, some dirt will come up. Even for companies, which are ethically very correct in their practices providing å great service, you can always find a disgruntled employee or one unhappy customer leaving a clutch of revengeful lines on the net. A few such odd comments can affect your business as they turn up in front of potential new customers.

When you have hundreds of positive comments and reviews online, the few negatives can derail your attempts to attract new clients. One would have to be proactive and respond to such negative comments reasonably and responsibly. You must get an alert to inform you about the negative reviews that exist. Encourage more clients to leave positive reviews. Positive reviews posted on multiple sites can push down the negatives. Alerts to inform you of negative comments, optimization of positive comments and pushing negative reviews lower down the search engine rankings, will help you overcome this problem.